I'm Zima…Zima Lucy is my whole name, but you can also call me “Little Z.”

I'm the youngest member of the Canine Crew, but that doesn't mean I'm not the boss. See, I like to push my brother and sisters around whenever I can…I grab toys away from Beau whenever I can, and I growl at Heather whenever she tries to get the balls that Mom tosses.I'm a really finicky eater…I only like soft treats, and I won't eat my hard dog food until Mom and Dad add some yummy soft meaty morsels. Even then, I just pick out the good stuff. Sometimes I'll eat some of the hard stuff…if I'm hungry enough. And, even if I have food left, or a treat sitting out that I don't want to eat, I don't let my sisters Sammi and Heather have it. They sit there watching me, waiting for me to move away so they can eat it…but even if I do get up, I'm always watching…and I never let them get it…and they know it too!

Mom says I need to get a job. I think it has something to do with some of my pastimes…I have been known to do wood sculpturing…especially on our rocking chair. I chewed the ends of the wood pieces till they looked more pleasing. And I even taught my brother, Beau, to do this. He helped me with some of the wood pieces…I took one end, and he took the other, and together, we got the job done!

I also don't think Mom is too happy about my interior decorating. I didn't like the flaps hanging off the bottom of our fancy couch, so, one by one, I chewed them off. I didn't quit until all the flaps were completely off. I think the couch looks MUCH better now! (I'm not sure Mom & Dad do, though).

I also enjoy rearranging the rugs in our house. I move them all over the place, but Mom always moves them back. So, then I have to do it all over again.

Dad says I'm good at something he calls “demolition.” When I first came to our house, Dad was doing something he called “remodeling” in the kitchen and the family room. I quickly learned what was involved, and after he finished with the kitchen and family room, I helped him “remodel” the hallway…I found a little piece of floor that was popped up a little, and I began working on it till the whole hallway floor was pretty much popped up. So, Dad went ahead and put down a brand new floor there. I don't know what he would have done without my help on that! But I still don't understand why he kept yelling at me…

Sammi is my oldest sister, and she's not much fun to play with. She never likes to play ball, or even play with squeaky toys. I try to get her to play, but she just growls at me. That doesn't stop me from trying though!