My name is Beau, and I am the only boy member of the Canine Crew. I'm the largest one too, so it's my duty to protect all the Crew members from harm, along with Mom and Dad.

I take my job very seriously too…everyone who comes to our house knows that they'd better not hurt anything…or they'll have to answer to ME.

I only really care about two humans in the whole world…and that's Mom and Dad. There are some people who I think are okay, but only when they throw a ball to me to play with.

I LOVE playing ball…and I'm really good at it too! Once someone throws a ball to me, I'll keep on bringing it back to them for more…and more…and more! I can go for HOURS! Mom says something called “the baseball Cardinals” could use me on their team. I'm what she calls a good “fielder.”

I also like to work with Mom and Dad doing stuff like “heeling,” “sitting,” “staying,” “coming,” and “downing.” Mom says Little Z hates doing those things, and is much harder to “train.” I have fun when I get to do that “training” stuff.

I am the second youngest member of the Crew, just a year older than Little Z, and when Little Z first came to our house, I was the only one of the Crew that liked her. She was very tiny at first, but she still taught me how to chew on wood and plastic. Before Zima came, I never got in trouble. But after she taught me this new chewing stuff, I started getting yelled at. I don't really understand that, but it's fun anyway.

I'm also a singer. If Mom and Dad start singing a song I like, I chime right in. Then, Zima joins me, and sometimes even Sammi. Heather doesn't like to sing…she just barks.

Heather is my role model. She is a little older than me, and much smaller, but I really look up to her. She may be little, but she's mighty! Sammi, my oldest sister, isn't much fun to play with…but she gets a lot of respect from me, being the oldest and all.