Hi everyone! I'm Heather, and I'm the REAL star of the Canine Crew!

I just KNOW that whenever anyone comes to our house, they are there to see ME! I'm SO cute and smart and funny…I've got it all! And if they don't give me attention fast enough, I will not only jump all over them, but I will talk to them, and let them know they need to give me a treat or pets or something. Mom calls my talking my “boxer mouth,” because I am part boxer. I am also part border collie and German shepherd.

I am the smallest Crew member…I weigh only 50 pounds…and lately, a little less…Mom and Dad had me on a diet. I guess that's because I like to eat my food, AND everyone else's too! That Zima…she makes me SOOOO mad…she doesn't even LIKE her food, but she won't let me get it!

Sometimes I trick her though. I start barking like someone is at the door, and that dopey Zima goes running to check it out. Well, by the time she gets back to her food dish, it's history! Ha ha! But I sometimes get in trouble that way too…unless Mom happens to be in another room. I plan these strategies wisely, but they don't ALWAYS go as planned.

Did I mention how cute and smart I am? Mom and Dad call me “Einstein Ears,” because my ear hair is very unruly, and it sort of flies about my face like some smart guy named “Albert Einstein.” They also call me that because I'm smart too! And another nickname they have for me is “Endora Eyes.” That's because I have a natural beauty mark by both my eyes that make me look like I have eyeliner on. Mom and Dad say there was a character on an old t.v. show named “Bewitched” who had those kind of eyes. She must have been very beautiful to look like me.

I have another nickname too…but I don't like it so much. It's “Squirt.” That's because I am the smallest of the bunch. Actually, it started when I was just a puppy, and I was so tiny. But the name stuck, unfortunately.

I like to play ball with Beau and Zima, but sometimes I get mad because Beau always gets the ball first, and he always manages to catch it better than me. I used to be better at it than him, but he practices more. And Zima just tries to keep ME from getting the ball. She growls at me when I try to get to it first. But I showed her a couple times…she started growling at me, and then I BIT her…right on the side…and she had to get almost her whole side shaved, and had stitches! Then, while she still had that bald spot, every time she growled at me, I bit her again! Because of me, she had to go to the vet a LOT last summer. But SHE started it!

My sister Sammi is sort of a stick in the mud, but I still like her. At least she's not irritating like Little Z.