I'm Sammi, and I am the oldest member of the Canine Crew. But I don't LOOK my age…everyone who sees me says I look REALLY good for almost 12, and sometimes people even think I'm a PUPPY! I'm part Samoyed and part German shepherd…maybe my youthful appearance comes from my Samoyed side. (Unfortunately, I have a tendency to gain weight, and that definitely comes from that Arctic side).

But I sure don't act like a puppy. I don't like playing with toys…those squeaky toys and balls are just stupid. I haven't played with them since I was 3 years old! My younger siblings are just big babies playing with them! Just give me a good, edible treat any day…it beats a squeaky toy, paws (or hands) down!

I don't like to run and play in the yard either. But I DO like to referee these games…when they go running around the yard, I put my two cents in by barking and keeping them all in line. They don't seem to listen to me…but I do it anyway.

There IS one thing I can do that no one else in the Crew can…and that's walk on the treadmill with Mom! See, I've been watching her do that almost since I was born, and I just naturally can do it! Beau tries SO hard, and he just looks like a clod on there! But I've got to admit…I DON'T like the treadmill. I'd much rather go for walks outside.

I just LOVE going for walks! It's my FAVORITE thing to do…even more than eating. And I love to eat too!

Out of all the Crew, I'm the one that is probably the most level-headed in personality. You can take me anywhere, and I will behave. Inside the house, I think that people who come here are okay, but I don't get bent out of shape about them like the other three do…Beau doesn't like them, Heather LOVES them, and Zima likes them a lot too. My opinion is: “Okay, so you're here. I'd appreciate a treat and a few pets, but you don't have to overdo it.”

I have another talent too…I'm psychic…YES…psychic. I've been known to see people and dogs that are in “another realm.” There have been many instances to prove this, but I won't go into them here. But I DO have some special powers…

There's another thing I can do that no one else around here can do…and that's predict thunderstorms. Mom has learned that she doesn't have to watch the weather forecast on television to know if we're going to have a bad storm. She just has to watch what I do. If there is bad weather brewing, I start to hyperventilate and pace, and then hide under her computer (which she doesn't like). And I even lose my appetite then too! I'm just SOOOO scared of storms! But the weird thing is that I can sense them hours before they arrive. Let's see your neighborhood weatherman do that…and get it right all the time! Mom calls me a walking “barometer,” whatever that is.

There's only one problem with my forecast ability…I get scared, and then all the other Crew members follow my lead and get scared too! (Well, at least they have SOME sense!)

But, pretty much, I'm just an all around good dog. In fact, Mom calls me “Practically Perfect Sammi”. And I am.