Make your pet a star!

Would you like to see your special pet featured in a Franimals product? Your pet might be chosen to appear on a future Franimals card or collectible item.

Simply email your high quality digital photo to Fran Sherman. If you want us to use a picture, you will need to read and accept a legally binding photo release.

Here is a FAQ for photo submission:

Pet Photo
Submission FAQ:

Your pet may be the most wonderful, photogenic pet in the Universe. BUT he/she may not "make the cut" to be on a pet greeting card distributed to retailers worldwide. Why? Here are some tips to increase your pet's chances of being in a Franimals card :

1) Get close, but not TOO close.
If your pet is only a miniscule portion of your photograph, chances are, when he/she is enlarged to a size that represents greeting card size, the details will be diminished, and the photo will not be usable. Conversely, if you get too close, your pet will fill up the viewing area, and we won't be able to design a unique card around him/her. We find it is desirable if the pet fills a large portion of the photo viewing space, but there is still some space around most of his/her body. This allows us to "cut" him/her out of the frame, and splice in a background design and text for the card.

2) Franimals=Animals.
We will always be happy to include pets and their PEOPLE in custom photos, but Franimals cards feature ONLY animals. So, try to take your pet photos with pets alone. HOWEVER, multiple pets are ALWAYS encouraged, if they compliment all the animals involved.

3) ANY animal can be a Franimal!
Don't think that only cats and dogs are welcomed! We welcome ALL species of animals...birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, farm animals, jungle animals, animals of the outback, you name it!!!!

4) Props or no props?
You may ask: "Does it make my photo more appealing if I dress my pet in hats, clothing, etc.?" The answer is: yes and no. Sometimes, props just add a really fun and unique flair. BUT we are not specifically LOOKING for props. We are looking for: a) a great pose, b) a great expression, c) a unique looking animal, d) a sharp (i.e. not blurry) photo, e) some unique quality that "you know when you see it." (and not necessarily in that order). Hence, dressing your pet or putting him/her in a basket or some sort of fabricated environment may or may not increase your chances of having your pet photo on a Franimals card. If you combine a great pose and look with a great prop, then the "apparel" may be an added benefit. Use your best judgment!

5) Lighting can "make or break" your photo.
Just like with "people" photos, the lighting can make or break your pet's photo. If the photo is too bright, detail will be lost. If it is too dark, the same thing happens. We can only do a certain number of things too help enhance a poorly lit photo. We certainly prefer to start with one that has no such problems.

6) There is no such thing as "too large file size" when it comes to digital pictures.
If you are taking digital photos of your pets, please DO send us the highest resolution possible. That means, if your camera can take 3.2 megapixels maximum, please do send us a photo taken with that high resolution. If your camera can take 6 megapixels, send us one with that resolution. If our online photo uploader does not work because your file is too large, any photo under 10 megabytes in size may be emailed to Fran at Photos above that size can be put on a cd or dvd or zip disc and snail-mailed. Contact Fran, and she will provide you with the mailing address. Materials mailed to us will not be returned, so be sure to make a copy of your files before you send them! The bottom line: no photo can be too high in resolution (aka. too large in physical size). The only unacceptable photos are those that are too small.

7) Tips for scanning a printed photo:
If you are scanning a photo print, scan a 4x6 or smaller photo at 600 dots per inch (dpi). If your photo is larger, i.e. 8x10, scan at 300 or 400 dpi.

8) If you don't have a digital photo or scanner:
If you only have a printed photo, you can send it via mail to Fran. Once again, contact her, and she will provide you with the mailing address. Please note: photos mailed to us will not be returned, so make sure you have a copy made to keep or to send us!

We hope this helps you to compose your photos! Good luck, but most importantly, HAVE FUN...when YOU are having fun, most likely your PETS are also having fun, and they will show it in their photos!!!!!!