Welcome to the world of Franimals! We are creators
of unique and innovative cards and other collectibles
with one theme in mind...our wonderful PETS!

Franimals is dedicated to helping homeless animals,
and a portion of the proceeds of every Franimals card
purchase is donated to a no-kill animal shelter or organization.

And it doesn't stop there. If you would like to
see YOUR pet on a Franimals product, see our
"submit YOUR pet" page to find out how.

We also offer custom card design services, and you can
find out more about that on our "Custom Cards" page.

Be sure to visit the Canine Crew area of the
website...as the official Franimals spokesdogs,
they have a lot to talk about!

We have tons of FREE stuff too...send
a free e-card or download various
other free items featuring the Canine Crew.

If you're looking for something other than
a card, visit our various online stores...
we have a store fo r the Canine Crew,
a store for German Shepherd lovers,and
a store for all our other Franimals friends.

And don't forget about our pet tributes page,
where you can immortalize your favorite
fur-children that have already crossed the
Rainbow Bridge in the sky.

But most of all, enjoy your visit to Franimals
and come back often!

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