We offer custom pet card designs. You can choose to put your pet in any of our existing designs, or you can have one created from scratch! If you choose from a current card design, the price starts at $35 plus printing, and goes up depending upon the design, the quality of the submitted photo, etc.

We also can do entire custom card packages featuring
multiple card designs for all occasions.

We also create custom cards and custom card packages featuring people (as opposed to their pets)! Custom cards are also ideal for Event Planners and for people organizing their own event or function! Read more below, in our Custom Card FAQ.

If you have any questions, please email Fran Sherman.

Custom cards are ideal for anyone who wants to have a truly innovative keepsake of their pet! However, they are not limited to animal cards. We also create cards featuring PEOPLE (as opposed to their pets)! These cards, invitations, announcements, posters, etc. are ideal for Event Planners, and also for anyone who is planning their own event or function!

Contact Fran at (314) 275-2208 for more information!

Custom Card FAQ:

1) What are the prices of custom cards?
We have varying price structures for custom cards. The least expensive alternative is to choose from one of our existing designs, and have your pet replace the pet in the existing card. These start at $35 and can go up to $75 for the design, depending upon the layout chosen, and do NOT include printing. Some layouts involve different photos on the inside and outside, and that makes them more time consuming, particularly when the pet is "cut" out of it's original background. And, since custom cards are priced according to time, that makes these cards more expensive.

NEW! We now have a more convenient and economical price structure for our custom cards made from scratch! The minimum quantity of custom cards is 100 per card design. The following prices include the design for both the exterior of the card and the interior of the card, AND the printing. Up to two different pet photos can be used...one for the outside, and another one for the inside, if you wish. You can have more photos in the card, but there will be an additional charge of $30 per additional photo. The prices do not include any design revisions.
Design revisions will cost an additional $50 per layout change:
100 cards: $2.50 each (total: $250)
200 cards: $2.00 each (total: $400)
500 cards: $1.20 each (total: 600)

Over 500, we will provide an estimate upon request.

We can also create cards that montage photos of your pet in more intricate ways. You can view some examples of this on our FREE Stuff page, where we have created Canine Crew posters that are montages. These require a lot of design time, and can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 for the design.

2) Can you customize other things besides cards?
In addition to custom cards, we can create ANYTHING customized...posters, calendars, stationery, t-shirts...you name it. We will be happy to provide estimates upon request. And you are not limited to customizing items for your pets...we can do custom work with people too...with or without your pets!

3) Why would I pay so much for a custom card when I can get a photo card very inexpensively?
Our custom cards are very different from many of the "custom" items you see on the market. Oh sure, you can get a photo of you, your family and/or your pet slapped on to a "photo" card for a very inexpensive price. The thing that makes OUR cards unique is the DESIGN. Not only do we take a lot of time to make our cards into "works of art" with professional graphic design, but we can also customize the card around your pet and YOU. For example, we can create a card that displays personality traits of you or your pet, or work in things that you or your pet enjoy, and include colors and design themes that are specific to YOU. Our goal is to create a custom image that you will take great pride in for years to come. We want you, and the recipients of your custom cards, to appreciate them enough to KEEP them...not just throw them in the "circular file" after they've been read!!

Here is a good analogy: you can take a snapshot of someone and blow it up and hang it on your wall, or you can have a portrait artist create a painting of that person. Chances are, you are going to pay a lot more to have an artist create a painting for you...but you choose that route if you really want a unique keepsake. Essentially, you are paying for the artist's STYLE. It's pretty much the same with us...you pay more for our style.

4) Do you do pet portraits and/or caricatures?
We mainly take photos and use them in our card design. However, we can do portraits "digitally", in which we take your photo and make it LOOK like a painting or sketch. We can also do digital caricatures!

5) How long does it take to get
custom cards after we order them?

Once we receive your photo(s) and order, we ask that you allow us two to three weeks to provide you with a layout. If you require layout changes, it may take another week to implement. Once you have approved the layout, we then get them printed, and ask that you allow another two to three weeks for delivery. All totaled, a custom card order may take six weeks to complete.

6) Can any photo be used?
No. The photo, if provided digitally, must be a high resolution photo in order to work well for a printed card. We recommend taking the photo with a minimum of 2.1 megapixel resolution. If a hard copy is provided, the photo subject must be fairly large in the picture to get a good enough scan. In addition, take care not to submit photos that are blurry or too dark or light. Some photo problems can be alleviated digitally. We will let you know upon submission of your photos if they are usable or not.

7) Will my custom cards be used
in your Franimals collection?

No, probably not. HOWEVER, we DO reserve the right to use your cards for our collection (unless you stipulate otherwise), so you MIGHT see your cards in stores someday!